What is The Universal Good Party?

The start of something completely new!


The values of The Universal Good Party are drawn up on the basis that each person is worthy of equal respect, inclusion, emphasis and significance irrespective of age, creed, gender and race.


Consistency of word with action.

People are all equal in creation, therefore treating others with Respect, Equality and Responsibility will be our practice.

Equal access and outcomes for all.

Kindness & Mercy
Kindness will provide the heart, soul and warmth to the worthy aspirations expressed above; mercy and grace will typify our national spirit.

Do we really need another political party?

Given the level of division, suspicion and distrust across our society, mistrust of our political system and the loss of respect for the established bodies and systems of government the time is ripe for change before we slide into further disarray. We believe that we need a complete reset of our political hierarchy and practices.

What difference could it make?

The Universal Good Party offers to set a course for a sea-change in how we live our national life and how we do politics; it will be exciting, it will demand a lot of energy and no small sacrifice, it will be unsettling and hugely challenging but, if we make that choice, it is within our grasp. It is literally up to us!

What difference could I make?

If you ever felt disconnected from how our lives are ordered by our political systems, now is the time to re-engage because things will only change if we join together behind a pure and solid purpose, and make things happen for the good.

We can take inspiration from one Swedish school student and a collective of action takers who have suddenly developed a huge inertia for change on environmental issues that could literally save our planet. Their conviction, passion and persistence are beginning to have a real impact on our practices and politics; there is still so much more to be achieved but it proves yet again that motivated people working together can really make change happen.

We can do the same through our politics

The challenge before us is stark as our nations have become deeply divided, fearful of outsiders, violent in our language, disrespectful, openly hostile and bereft of a hope for our personal and national future.

So this is our call; that together we can transform our lives in the best interests of everyone – from the most lowly to the most celebrated.
That hope of bringing transforming change is what The Universal Good Party is all about.